TRINITY 19, the Christian App

I love my iPad Mini 4. It is a very practical tool. I do all my work on it, and when taking services I have everything at my fingertips with the various apps, the readings, prayers, service texts, the lot. I don’t understand how it works inside and nor do I need to. The great thing is that it puts me in touch with God and with people.

Same with the Trinity, which may I remind you, is the Christian model of understanding God. I don’t understand it, nor do I need to, but it puts me in touch with God. Again, the doctrine of the Trinity is a very practical thing.

Let’s apply the Trinity tool. God is God, but he seems remote and unknowable. Most religions see God as Father in some way. In Jesus Christ he becomes both understandable and knowable. Want to know what God is like? Look at Jesus, understand his teaching, and bingo. God is clearly powerful, the creator of the universe, but how do I know that power? Through the Holy Spirit. He is God at work in this world and in my life. He makes God immediate to me right here right now if I ask, in big and little ways, like Pentecost, prayer, and cups of tea with others.


Without boring you with too much history, many centuries ago a very bright Christian lad called Augustine was thinking it all through. He knew from the Jewish tradition in which Christianity has its roots that God is One and our Father, but gradually realised that if Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit also appears to be God, this One Christian deity seemed to have 3 ‘personas’ as he called them in Latin. This was the start of the Church formulating the idea of three persons in one God, which we now call The Holy Trinity. Like my iPad Mini 4 helps me be in contact with others, it is a practical tool for understanding and encountering God day to day.

To finish, a question: if God the Father is knowable and understandable in Jesus Christ, if his power is available right here right now to me through the Holy Spirit, what kind of person do I want to be?

Remember: Jesus wants spiritual fruit not religious nuts.