Date Hymns Setting Anthem Voluntary Organist
Sunday 6th   

1st Sunday in Lent

90 (Forty Days)

532 (O For a Closer Walk with God)

97 (Lord Jesus Think on Me)

96 (Jesu Lover of My Soul)

Thorne Nolo Mortem Peccatoris




Edward McCall
Sunday 13th

2nd Sunday in Lent

392 (Bright the Vision)

2 (Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies)

482 (Jerusalem the Golden)

336 (Christ is our Light)

Thorne Hide not Thy Face


TBC Ruth Murphy
Sunday 20th

3rd Sunday in Lent

498 (Let us With a Gladsome Mind)

284 (Bread of Heaven)

384 (Be Still my Soul)

605 (Through the Night)

Thorne Call to Remembrance




Edward McCall
Sunday 27th

Mothering Sunday

175 (Come Down of Love Divine)

497 (Let all the World)

626 (Ye Holy Angels Bright)

377 (Angel Voices)

Thorne O For a Closer Walk with God


Nun Danket


Edward McCall
Sunday 27th


12 (At Even, Ere the Sun was set)

13 (Before the Ending of the Day)

Reading Responses

Evening Service in G Minor (Purcell)

Psalm 89

Remember not our Offenses


Toccata in F


Edward McCall