Date Hymns Setting Anthem Voluntary Organist
Sunday 5th


356 Judge Eternal

591 The Kingdon of God

384 Be Still my Soul

380 At the Name

N/A Go Forth into The World



G Major Fantasia

Bach (BWV572)

Edward McCall
Sunday 12th


474 Immortal Invisible

553 Peace, Perfect Peace

502 Lights Abode

125 We Sing the Praise

Thorne Thou Visited the Earth


TBC Adrian Simmonds
Sunday 19th


392 Bright the Vision

267 Thou Whose Almighty Word

496 Lead Us Heavenly Father

585 The Church’s One Foundation

N/A O Nata Lux


TBC Edward McCall
Sunday 26th

1st Sunday of Lent

95 Forty Days

508 Lord of all Power (T:507)

557 Praise to the Holiest

96 Jesu Lover

Thorne Mine Eyes for Beauty Pine


Te Deum



Edward McCall
Sunday 26th February


16 Hail Gladdening Light

20 Saviour, to thy Dear Name

Smith Responses

Noble in B Minor

Psalm 119 1-16

O Lorde the Maker of All Thing


Theme and Variation


Edward McCall