Date Hymns Setting Anthem Voluntary Organist
Sunday 7th

The Epiphany of our Lord

89 O Worship the Lord

85 Earth Has Many a Noble City

87 Hail to the Lord’s Anointed

91 We Three Kings


New Year Carol



G Minor Fantasia

(Bach) BWV542

Edward McCall
Sunday 14th

Baptism of the Lord


444 God is Working his Purpose

34 On Jordon’s Bank

89 O Worship the Lord

612 We Have  Gospel


The Call



Te Deum


Edward McCall
Sunday 21st 418 Father, Lord

314 Now From the Heavens

341 At Cana’s Wedding

538 O Jesus, I have Promised

Thorne Listen Sweet Dove


 Herr Christ, Der Einig

(Bach) BWV601

Edward McCall
Sunday 28th 498 Let Us With a Gladsome         Mind

494 King of Glory

191 O Thou, Who Camest

170 Jesus is Lord

Thorne Ave Verum



Improvisation Edward McCall
Sunday 28th


20 Saviour, Again Thy Dear Name

418 Father Lord

Smith Responses

Dyson in D

Psalm 34

In the Heavenly Kingdom


Theme and Variation


Edward McCall