Date Hymns Setting Anthem Voluntary Organist
Sunday 2nd June


418 Father, Lord

2 Christ, Whose Glory

474 Immortal, Invisible

609 To God be the Glory468

Thorne Ave Verum



Prelude and Fugue in E minor


Edward McCall
Sunday 9th June


377 Angel Voices

28 Hark what a Sound

293 Come, Risen Lord

I Danced

Thorne The Lord’s My Shepherd




Edward McCall
Sunday 16th June


591 The Kingdom of God

275 We Plough

309 Let all Mortal Flesh

516 Love Divine

Thorne Lead Me, Lord




Praeludium in G Minor


Edward McCall
Saturday 22nd June

Ordination Service

See Order of Service Thorne Come Down O Love


Allegro Risoluto


Edward McCall
Sunday 23rd June 413 Eternal Father

233 Jesus Calls Us

313 My God, and is

538 O Jesus I have Promised

Thorne A Gaelic Blessing


Improvisation Edward McCall
Sunday 23rd June


11 As Now the Sun’s

530 Now Thank We


Ferial Responses

Canticles: Noble in B Minor

Psalm 56

They That Go Down


Improvisation Edward McCall
Sunday 30th June 543 O Praise Ye The Lord

493 Join all (omit 3+4)

324 Sweet Sacrament Divine

514 Lord, Thy Church

Thorne The Lord is My Shepherd


Sonata in A


Edward McCall