Date Hymns Setting Anthem Voluntary Organist
Sunday 1st

The Epiphany of our Lord

57 Joy to the World

74 What Child is This

55 In the Bleak

67 See Amid

Thorne TCB TBC Adrian Simmonds
Sunday 9th

The Baptism of Christ

89 O Worship the Lord

85 Earth Has Many a Noble City

87 Hail to the Lord’s Anointed

90 Songs of Thankfulness

Thorne If Ye Love Me


Fiat Lux


Edward McCall
Sunday 15th 1 Awake My Soul

97 Lord Jesus Think on Me

308 Just as I am

443 God is Our Strength

Thorne Ave Verum


In Dir ist Freude


Edward McCall
Sunday 22th   2 Christ Whose Glory

494 King of Glory

318 O Thou, Who At

170 Jesus is Lord

Thorne Call to Remembrance


Improvisation Edward McCall
Sunday 29th


80 When Candles (omit 7-12)

496 Lead us, Heavenly Father

311 Lord Enthroned

516 Love Divine

Thorne Lift up Your Heads


Fantasy on: Shine, Jesus


Edward McCall
Sunday 29th  


20 Saviour, Again Thy Dear Name

418 Father Lord

Smith Responses

Stanford in Bb

Psalm 34

Light of the world


Lumen ad Revelationem

(Pour le Purification)


Edward McCall