Date Hymns Setting Anthem Voluntary Organist
Sunday 3rd  September


386 Be Thou

174 Breathe on me (tune: 248)

160 Thine Be

380 At the Name (Tune: Camberwell)

Thorne O Saviour of the World


Prelude in D Major BWV 532


Edward McCall
Sunday 10th September 138 At the Lambs

428 Forgive our sins

311 Lord, Enthroned

626 Ye Holy Angels

Thorne In Paradisum


Improvisation Edward McCall
Sunday 17th September


250 All Creatures

385 Be thou my Guardian (tune: 222)

319 Praise the Lord, rise up

586 The God of Abrham (omit 2,6,7&8)

Thorne Mary’s Magnificat


Allegro Risoluto


Edward McCall
Sunday 24th September

Harvest Sunday

270: Come Ye Thankful People Come

273: Praise, O Praise our God and King

272: Praise and Thanksgiving

262: O Lord My God

Thorne Thou Visitest the Earth


Nun Danket


Edward McCall
Sunday 24th September


268: Timeless Love

16: Hail Gladdening Light

Psalm 119 (113-136)

Dyson in D

Ayleward Responses


Cantique de Jean Racine


Prelude in E Minor


Edward McCall